Exploratory Data Analysis

By following a series of tactics as you apply EDA, you’re able to build predictive models you can trust. Along the way, you begin to understand your data in the context of the problem you’re trying solve. You also improve the predictive capacity of your models and generate insights that strengthen your business. When your EDA is done well, there are no surprises.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Knowing and understanding each piece of data you have is key to producing meaningful results that have practical application. Exploratory data analysis, often the first step in data analysis and modeling, is an investigative process that gives you a feel for data sets, enabling you to see patterns, spot anomalies, test hypotheses, and check assumptions.

Agile is in Everything We Do

Beyond our credit-meets-technology expertise, part of what differentiates Flying Phase from our competitors is how we attack clients’ problems. Yes, the results stand on their own, but the way in which we get there – iteratively and with a focus on incremental value – plays a huge role in shaping the end result.

Building Internal Tech Products for “Non-Tech” Companies

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Summary Solution: Organizations often shortcut internal tech products because they don’t provide direct value to the customer. This post explores where and how to invest your time and efforts. Read a book or article on the topic of building a great product, and the process seems simple enough: Identify a customer base with an underserved […]