Make Big Data Smart Data (Part 2)

While financial services organizations have spent significant time and money collecting data on products, customers, and transactions, they have put only fractional amounts of that information to work. Now is the time to make big data smart data. In this post, we provide 4 considerations to ready your organization.

Make Big Data Smart Data (Part 1)

Enhance profitability, build new products, minimize exposure to risk, and deepen customer relationships by transforming your bank from a legacy organization into an information-based, data-driven enterprise.

Agile is in Everything We Do

Beyond our credit-meets-technology expertise, part of what differentiates Flying Phase from our competitors is how we attack clients’ problems. Yes, the results stand on their own, but the way in which we get there – iteratively and with a focus on incremental value – plays a huge role in shaping the end result.