Business Beyond the Horizon

We unlock the potential of data, people, and business to take you farther. Even in the most regulated industries, we harness technology and advanced analytics to help solve the hardest problems. Blending inventive approaches with outcome-based pragmatism, we can take your business to a place you never thought possible.

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Helping You Get There

Let our end-to-end solutions designed with deep understanding of your needs take your business beyond the horizon.

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Big Data

The power of streamlined data and the cloud to drive analytics and decision-making

Enterprise Data Ecosystems
Cloud Infrastructure
Data Management & Governance
Advanced Data Visualization

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Machine Learning

Cutting-edge models and approaches that are applicable in the real world

Explainable Modeling
Precision Forecasting
Insight Generation
Model Validation & Monitoring

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Extreme Automation

Touch-free processing to optimize performance and drive efficiency

Process Optimization
Open-Source Migration
Robotic Process Automation
Distributed Computing

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Who We Are

At Flying Phase, we always reimagine what’s possible. Because we strive to elevate innovation and precision to an art form, we found a natural parallel in America’s Cup yacht racing. The newest generation of hydrofoil designs are revolutionizing the sport—literally raising the boat out of the water to achieve speeds no one thought possible. It takes a seamless integration of innovation, skill, and teamwork to propel these ships faster than the wind. We take the same approach to lifting our clients out of the water and into the Flying Phase.

Our Leadership Team

Shawn Sweeney
Shawn SweeneyChief Executive Officer
Brett Ludden
Brett LuddenPresident
Abdul Mallick
Abdul MallickVP, Tech Strategy
David Buckler
David BucklerVP, Product Development
Justin Klevs
Justin KlevsVP, Data Science

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Together We Go Farther Faster

Flying Phase is the Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning sister-organization to Spinnaker Consulting Group. Our teams offer years of experience and expertise with clients in highly regulated Fortune 500 environments. Combined, we help our clients elevate their business and unlock their true potential by providing knowledge, speed, and precision to take them to places they never imagined.

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